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The chain-Breaker is manufactured completely in the UK. If you do manage to damage any part of it there is a comprehensive spare parts & repair service in operation Click here to find your nearest Chain-Breaker stockist  

To save time and possible misplacement of small parts when changing Pin kits, the Jack screw / Clamp screw assembly may be purchased separately already fitted with the appropriate pin kit.

  Sizes & Options



  Chain-Breaker 'S' Series   1/2"  To  3/4"  Simple Chain
  Substitute Pin Kit 'PKS2'   3/8" Simple & Duplex Chain
  Chain-Breaker 'L' series   1"  To  1.1/4" Simple Chain

  Substitute Pin Kit 'PKL2'   1/2"  To  3/4" Simple & Duplex Chain

  Additional Jack Screw / Clamp Screw Assembly   (To save having to change pin kits to work on different size chain)